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The Real Fortune Teller

Our brain likes to play tricks on us, so it allows us to see the things we want to see and formulate biased conclusions, accordingly. In this episode, Rawane Affara explains how, at times, a child’s behavior is misunderstood and underestimated.

On August 4th, 2020, at around 6:07 PM

A tribute to Beirut: Let’s Plant Hope and Uproot corruption

Are You Truly Educated?

Rawane Affara explores the true meaning of being a "truly educated" person on this episode of the Ringlet podcast. Listen to The Ringlet on Podeo


The first episode of The Ringlet podcast breaks down the term, "Unschool", and explores its pros and cons. Listen to The Ringlet on Podeo

Learning Is An Un-ending Journey

The Ringlet team and I are so excited to share some of the most prominent research and real-life experiences in education and educational psychology. By listening to the Ringlet, you will learn something new. PERIOD. Listen to The Ringlet on Podeo

Welcome To The Ringlet

The Ringlet: an eye-opening discussion about learning and the human brain. Explore your potential. Listen to The Ringlet on Podeo

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